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Orthodontic Pliers - Light Wire Plier
Model: YAYI-001

Features Of Yayi Orthodontic Pliers:

Item Name: Light Wire Plier
Item No.: YAYI-001

To bend small diameter loops and spring loops.

Suitable size:   Round wire  0.012-0.020 inches  

                     Retangular wire 0.022X0.028 inches

Made of high-qualified surgical stainless steel. The part of alloying and steel adopt import alloy from UK;

More safe and comfortable of grinding diamond and round border;

Hinge to make sure the joint with flexibility and integrity;

Corrosion proof of disinfect solution. Resistance of high temperature and high pressure disinfection;

Ingenious design of specific and technology ;

More comfortable, more qualified feeling of high precise hand piece design;

Quality warranty: Two years after sale.


YAYI orthodontic pilers & tools are made of high grade stainless steel with advanced technology treatment to make sure its long life and convenient usage. 

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